This is Roy. I met him a few minutes ago outside a popular coffee shop in eastern Oklahoma City right off of I40. 
As I approached he was reading a bible that was on the pavement. I asked him what he was reading.
“Well, currently, first Kings. it’s hard to understand everything in this book”.

He then explained he knew the message behind the book he was reading was God.
Previously, he had a pocket bible which he overly used and the pages finally blew away. He prayed for a new one, within two minutes of that prayer a total stranger gave him his used one. Then a few days later, some passerby people from a church wrote this note and gave it to him which he keeps in his bible. 
He continued to explain that this ‘stranger’ was a pastor that preached from the same bible he gave away to Roy.

“I don’t ask for money on the side of the road. I give to people. I want to help. I want to show my heart… I’m hoping to save enough money to save up to go help the people in Houston”