“Littleboy” The little camera that could

So, over the past few years I’ve been paying close attention to the camera drone world. Looking up youtube hands on demonstrations. Doing so, I saw the progression over the years of advancing technology and the benefits of investing for cinematography and even photography purposes.


Because of what budget I have to work with it wouldn’t pay off for the specs of the type of quality I would be looking for. Sensor size, pixels, features, the list went on.  However, a month ago I bought a refurbished Bebop to experiment with, before I would eventually get a higher grade drone that would handle more payload.  

The first Bebop (I called Littleboy), I crashed on top of a 40 foot tree within the first twenty minutes of flying it, spent hours throwing sticks, rocks and eventually a water bottle hoping to unlatch it from the branches that held it captive. No avail. I walked away like a sad puppy in the rain to my car.

The day after I returned to the crash site where on the drive up to northern OKC I prayed that somehow this $400 drone would somehow be returned into my possession before I left. When I arrived, it was perfectly placed on a picnic table. (at the time of purchasing, the drone was selling for $400 new)

I thought it would be safer if I flew it indoors where there was no gusty Oklahoma wind. But crashed it into a wall. It went dead.  I ordered a new one and yielded with caution this time.