Mavic Drone – Forth of July Fireworks



I’ve always wanted to do this! Fly high in the sky where no-one has been, getting a birds eye view of fireworks. 
As they say, without any risk there is no reward! Especially when flying a costly 1k aerial camera in the midsts of one of the largest forth of July fireworks displays Ive seen in a while! Since getting my hands on this DJI Mavic Pro last year, I’ve been counting down the days until independence celebrations. 

Once a year the whole town erupts with a display of swirls, twirls and fire-cracking rockets! 
I live just about three miles up Mustang Highway which eventually runs into historic route 66. 
This year I stationed myself right outside the public library where I grabbed the free wifi network to stream in real time the sights from above on Facebook. 
After using up three drone batteries, it was time to call it a night. (That’s the beeping you can hear the last final seconds of the video. Thats kinda funny). 

On ground, the earth shook and the smoke had a resemblance of the revolution war.