After a bazaar Saturday, I decided to head towards Lake Hefner here in Oklahoma city at the south side Marina. I got out my drone and took a few photos as I listened to one of my favorite Irish celtic softrock bands, Eden’s Bridge. “lord of the waters, and the anchor of my heart l.. Keep me sailing” one of the songs echoed in my spirit.

Afterwards I hesdered down further to the water where I took off my sandles and felt the surface of the water hit the bottoms of my feet.

It was me and God time. Reflecting, and sending heart prayers up to Him, we were in a continuous conversation of utters that went something like this if a person could put it into words..

Lord, even now after five years in Oklahoma you continue to bless me.. But I look back and the situations that I have found myself around, it humbles me by your grace, I have felt the sound of Warriors I have heard the feelings of the prayers of the siants.