About Peter

Peter is an accomplished entrepreneur, whose talents in multimedia has granted him recognition as a professional photographer, cinema photographer, animator, video editor, and producer.

Growing up in rural Wisconsin–among a family of five–granted him access to develop his skills with a video a camera. Inspired by life and acclaimed films, he honed in on his God-given passion.

With a rich background in church, missions, and non profits, Peter’s skills have developed through a broad spectrum, domestically and internationally. In 2012 Peter graduated from Kings School of Media in Israel, where he studied journalism and multimedia. From there, he relocated to Oklahoma. He participated in the production of the award winning documentary Where was God (wherewasgod.com)? He also produced more than 30 testimonies, documenting individual journeys of faith (elevatefaith.com).

Later, in 2014, he partnered with Community Advance, a preteen outreach program, where he taught an audio/video class. The following year, Peter hosted a six-month video production class that focused on teaching intermediate fundamentals for short films and music videos with hands-on-training for high school students.

Peter currently works as Media Coordinator at Adult and Teen Challenge of Oklahoma, headquarters.