30s Facebook Promo

Two weeks ago I traveled to Sapulpa, OK at the Green Country Teen Challenge center for a sit down interview with these men progressing through the Christian Rehabilitation center’s program. Since then, I worked on editing this 30 second social media ad combining all of their interviews for an upcoming banquet. (Spoiler, special guest Brian […]

DOP-Editor-Director ElevateFaith Video

Video which the ElevateFaith production team produced. Im pretty proud of this one,. I got the go ahead to spend some more time. Follows Rhett Burnett and his family discovering their daughter is diagnosed with cancer and the events that followed as they refused to give in to the aftermath. It premiered Sunday morning October 26th […]

VIDEO: Special Effect Breakdown

Delgado Family Documentary Special Effects Breakdown. As the Delgado family shares their story, there was a number of special effect shots incorporated into the video. Footage of storms and tornados, maps of Oklahoma City and the like.. This is a breakdown video showing original footage vs the final effect! Watch the full documentary here   […]

VIDEO:2014 Easter Service at Elevate Church

Elevate Church in Moore, Oklahoma celebrating easter Sunday 2014. What happens when you have three camera guys, a helicopter and the third camera guy forgets to hit record on his camera during baptisms but the first camera guy has rapid shutter on his DSLR so he was taking photos at near light speed melting his […]

Delgado family that lived through the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

I had the opportunity to interview the dalgado family. Family of six, two of their youngest were in the Plaza Towers Elementary when it collapsed during the   2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Discovering about their family while interviewing then joining their church a few months later, I view the kids growing up and how the […]

VIDEO: Scientist Changes from Evolution Mindset into Biblical Thinking

The crew and I produced a video story about a scientist coming out of his atheistic “man’s science” ways into biblical thinking which led him into believing there was a higher power who made creation. Doctor Charles Jackson teaches classes at liberty bell university, Creation Truth Foundation and Hillsdale Collage. Watch his story below.   […]

Stephanie Tillman – Story

Video we produced for Elevate Church. Premiered Feb 16th 2014   Virtual effects from Stephanie Tillman’s video testimony. Thumbnails showing some of the steps in creating the artwork. Each of these scenes lasted on screen for an avrg of 5 seconds but each but took hours to design. Shot in downtown Edmond, OK.     […]

Abused, Neglected, Given up on Hope (New Video)

Filmed for elevate church, here is a new video testimony about Susan.   Behind the scene photos and in the making of CGI composites The second to the last clip was a scene where the camera starts on one bulb flickering on, then pans out to reveal an infamous amount of bulbs flickering on. For […]